Security Shredding

Larchbond offer a fully managed disposal of confidential or sensitive documents service through a secure process.

With the Data Protection Act and the requirement for businesses to protect their confidentiality, secure document disposal is an important service. Larchbond provides this service in a cost effective, secure and environmentally sustainable manner.

In October 1998 an amended Data Protection Bill became law

The new Act now covers data recorded and held in manual filing systems. Any information gathered with the intention of being put into any retrievable system is subject to the Act, even before it is put into the system.

The Data Protection Registrar's guidelines are quite specific:

"Personal data held for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary... it will be appropriate to dispose of documents by shredding..." Any personal details that become public could lead to the offending company being prosecuted for breaching its legal liability.

Larchbond's destruction facilities, secure vehicles and our highly trained team provides a secure service to customers in both the corporate and government sectors.

Our facilities destroy all types of confidential paper waste in a secure environment to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all paper waste collected.

Archive Document Storage and Shredding

When you arrange for your documents to be stored you may also use our shredding services. Doing shredding in-house can be inefficient from a cost point of view and also maybe impractical with space limitations.

It is vital that when data is finished with, it is destroyed in a safe and secure manner