Office Churn

Companies regularly reorganise the space they already own, sometimes to better deliver a new service offering, sometimes to simply make better use of their existing workspace.

Larchbond Office Churn is a service which involves providing on-going in-house support for internal moves and re-organisation of people and departments within your company. Our company supports you with our dedicated in-house operational teams to help you adapt to your constantly changing internal demands.

Using Larchbond office churn services also reduces your health and safety liabilities for example in asking your employees to do heavy lifting work around the office. 

Fully trained 'onsite move crews' provide flexible resources for as long as required. Provided on a fixed term contract our fully trained onsite move crews provide a valuable service within your business, including moving, repairing and ordering furniture and providing ongoing maintenance support.

Complimentary Services

As you can see from our website you could just use our Office Churn Service as a standalone service, however with so many other complimentary services economic and operational benefits could be achieved by combining several of our services into a single package.

Our portfolio of services include transition management, move management, asset management, space planning, office refurbishment and fit outs, and environmental disposal services.