Furniture Recycle, Repair and Refurbishment

In many cases old furniture can be made good, perhaps a new top for a desk, maybe simply replacement legs. By repairing and refurbishing old furniture you can save money, help reduce landfill and even help your organisation meet new Government recycle targets.

Larchbond provide the complete solution from assessment of damage and suitability for repair, to cost effective solutions to repair old or damaged furniture and fittings.

Furniture Repair and Refurbishment Services include:

Our services are provided by our repair specialists who will repair and refurbish your furniture and fittings so they look and perform as new.


At the time of your relocation Larchbond will segregate your office furniture and equipment for refurbishment, repair or for destruction and can provide a furniture repair and restoration service.

Re-cycling WEEE

Larchbond can ensure that ‘end of life’ electronic & electrical equipment is re-cycled by specialist contractors ensuring data destruction and that materials are re-used within the UK.