Disaster Recovery

Fire, Flood, Explosion and Bomb Damage

With 30 years experience in office relocations and refurbishments we have serviced many client requests for disaster recovery services following a fire, flooding or bombing and today have a specialist team of managers and staff to assist you with disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery services include:

Firstly we prepare an inventory and then remove items for refurbishment or disposal. Our staff can clean and refurbish soft furnishings, furniture, books, documents and electrical equipment. If the building can be reoccupied the furniture and equipment is re-instated, and where necessary new furniture is used to replace old damaged furniture.

If the building can not easily be reoccupied and you have moved to temporary accommodation you can choose to integrate your old furniture and equipment or it can be stored until which time you either move back to the old premises or have found new long-term accommodation.

Our Experience

Kodak Disaster Recovery

Following a major fuel depot explosion that imploded the front of the building sending the plate glass through the entire building destroying all the furniture and equipment. Larchbond firstly had to remove all personal possessions and paperwork. Sort through what furniture could be refurbished and recycled and what had to be disposed of.

Larchbond then undertook the clear up including clearing all carpets and all items that were unsecure and damaged. Personal possessions and paperwork were relocated to temporary accommodation.

Temporary Accommodation

In partnership with our associate company we have office facilities ready for immediate occupation. Where possible staff are reunited with their computers, paperwork and personal possessions.