Case Studies

Major Financial Institution

Furniture Installation and Churn Management

4000 workstation installation for 8000 employees and ongoing multi-site daily and weekly churn management (For Right Space).

At formation put all original furniture in 1997, including desks, pedestals, storage cupboards. Stayed on a daily and weekly basis to today to support churn for leavers and greeters and movers. Hot desking support where employees now swipe a card to determine where to go to logon provides pc access, telephone.



Furniture Supply and Installation

5800 workstation installation for Transport for London.

Supporting Steelcase in the installation of office furniture for a brand new building to include the logistics of deliveries and placement of furniture.


Barclays Mercantile

Disaster Recovery

Churchill Plaza. The building was fire damaged. 2 floors smoke damaged, 3 floors fire damaged. 7 lower floors water damaged. Rather than remove all furniture from lower 7 floors we jacked all the furniture up to allow drying out and for comms and flooring people to replace the floor and comms equipment, saving money and time to reopen floors.

The floors above - all damaged furniture was removed and disposed of. Upper floors were refurbished and Larchbond installed new furniture. On smoke damaged floors the furniture was removed and refurbished where possible, in other cases the furniture was replaced.



Daily and Weekly Churn

On a daily as required basis we support their 180 UK wide high street branches. Delivering new furniture and extra adhoc components and undertaking the removal of old furniture. Recently we undertook the nationwide delivery of computer equipment to all offices.



Disaster Recovery

Following a major fuel depot explosion that imploded the front of the building sending the plate glass through the entire building destroying all the furniture and equipment. Larchbond firstly had to remove all personal possessions and paperwork. Sort through what furniture could be refurbished and recycled and what had to be disposed of. Larchbond then undertook the clear up including clearing all carpets and all items that were unsecure and damaged. Personal possessions and paperwork were relocated to temporary accommodation.



Work Station Efficiency

With the arrival of flat screen computer monitors, MWB saw that the older style L-Shaped desk was no longer the most efficient way of furnishing offices. New flat screens could be arm mounted and so Larchbond undertook a nationwide program taking away all the L-Shaped desks, and removing redundant L- Sections and then re-machining all existing desktops to a smaller footprint. This enabled MWB to vastly increase the occupancy of their serviced office suites.

Ongoing work includes storage and supply from stock of furniture and desk components including desk legs, drawers and work surfaces as examples, and also daily and weekly crate delivery.


Thomasville Furniture

Logistics and Installation of Furniture

Thomasville is an American based multi-franchise furniture dealer who supplies to the United States Government and USAF throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Larchbonds role is to facilitate the logistics and installation of all their furniture requirements including on-site private accommodation with new household furniture and canteen furniture as well as corporate office furniture.

Wherever the United states forces have a base both at home here and throughout Europe Larchbond provides a team to deliver the service and complete the project.